The Sacrament of Marriage


Welcome to our marriage preparation process.  We hope that your experience is one that enriches you as a couple and
provides you with a solid foundation as you begin your life together.

Those couples seeking to be married in the Church should be registered and active members of the parish or should have
permission of their pastor to marry in a church other than their usual parish church.


Given the seriousness of the commitment required in this sacrament, a program of marriage preparation is required, including
marriage mentoring and a couples’ retreat.


Weddings may be celebrated within Mass or outside of Mass and are usually held on Friday afternoon or evening, Saturday
afternoon before the regularly scheduled Mass of anticipation, or Sunday afternoon, after the parish Mass.


Couples who are contemplating marriage are encouraged to call the Parish Office and speak with Fr. Anthony, TOR or
Deacon Rich Heineman no less than six months from the proposed date of the marriage.