Northside area congregation pastors often refer to our parish community as “The Little Church that Does.” They explain that, for a congregation our size, we’re so incredibly active, helpful and visible –  an irreplaceable, ecumenical pillar in the Northside and surrounding communities. Our parish “… is very often the catalyst for good things happening in the area.”

It appears we get things done. And leadership wants to build our future on this strength. Our trustees (Mike Johnson and Gerri Hare), our resident priest (Fr. Paul), our parish director/pastoral care director (Joni Sandlin), our part- time pastoral care minister (Brother Bruce), and our deacon (Dcn. Rich) will be phoning our parish community’s important stakeholders — that is, all our parishioners — to tap into their wisdom during this important year of transition. A time in which we look to further improve parish systems and use parish resources and staff even better.

These six people will survey registered parishionervhouseholds over the next five weeks. The wisdom of household members — both young and not-so-young — will prove critically important to planning for long- term parish success. There’ll be additional opportunity to share your wisdom at a Parish Community Town Hall meeting after 9:30 am Sunday Mass, Oct. 21, at St. Austin’s Campus, in Brennan Hall.

Didn’t get a call by July 20? Not currently registered? Simply call Ela at the parish office: 612- 529- 7779. A registration form is inserted in the bulletin. You can also go to, and click on “join us.”

And please continue inviting your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to join our community.

We …