We are never prepared to lose someone we love to death.  In our grief, it can be overwhelming to prepare a funeral, especially if the loss is sudden or this is your first time planning a memorial.  

Planning a funeral during a pandemic adds even more stress and grief to our losses.  The Pastoral Staff at St. Bridget’s is here to assist you in any way we can.

The planning materials you find here include suggested readings, music and an outline to pull all the details together.  These resources are not the only choices, but a comprehensive guide.  At St. Bridget’s we take great care with each family to prepare a thoughtful and fitting celebration that both honors your beloved’s life and witnesses to those who mourn how that life was well lived. 

During the pandemic, some of this planning may need to be done over the phone or via email rather than in person.  It is our hope that these materials can offer some comfort and care in the absence of a face to face meeting.  

Know we hold you and your beloved deceased in prayer. 

These links will make funeral planning easier for you:

Download the planning sheet. It can be completed on your computer or printed and completed by hand.