Fr. Paul Jarvis

  Senior Associate Pastor 612-529-7779 (Please do not leave a voicemail message for Fr. Paul.  He wants to assist you as quickly as possible, and that would be with a message via the receptionist.)

Rich & Jill Heineman

  Deacon Couple 612-529-7779

Sister Gert Brixius, OSF

  Pastoral Minister 612-529-7779 Ext. 303

Ela Georg

Parish Office Manager 612-529-7779

Heather Johnson

  Director of Worship 612-529-7779 Ext. 305

Mary Majkozak

  Director of Faith Formation & R.C.I.A 612-521-7454

Lea Schuett

  Parish Nurse 612-529-7779

Steve Schuett


Kathleen Ross

Parish Pastoral Council, Chair 612-529-7779

Parish Trustees

Gerri Hare Mike Johnson